Take an every day scene and set it aflame. That’s what you get when you walk into “Illuminate” by Jacky Murtaugh. Images from bins on the street to the jetty at Glenelg radiate off the canvas in an array of colours that will leave the real world bland in comparison. Jacky has cleverly separated her exhibition into two parts: fire above, water below. Going downstairs, I am reminded of diving along the Great Barrier Reef.....Chris Collins, Artysan Magazine 2012

Reminiscent of the work of an old-world impressionist painter, but with more of an eclectic style and modern twists, which tantalizingly weave into stunning landscapes. Behold the Night would have to be my favourite work from this promising Adelaide artist......Cassandra Scalzi, Trouble Magazine 2013

I have now been to several of Jacky’s exhibitions and must admit she is one of my favourite local artists. Splashes of flame cover canvas, everyday scenes are transformed into magical places of the imagination. Her works are unique, nothing I’ve ever seen comes close to her style. Several of her paintings have already sold and I would be very surprised if any of her works were left unsold by the end of the show......Chris Collins, Artysan Magazine 2014

Jacky Murtaugh